Wednesday, 7 October 2015


What makes a land operators truly effective in a nearby, territorial or national business sector? Without a doubt, it is the dedication to assist customers with improving an, educated choice (whether purchasing or offering) in the land market. Driss Doukari, a surely understood name in the Central Queensland is considered as a part of the absolute best land deals supervisors in Australia for this very reason.
When you chose to work with Driss, whether for a corporate arrangement or with the end goal of purchasing a private property, you can be all around guaranteed by the way that just by picking the right proficient, you are a few stages closer to the property you crave.
Driss has gotten various awards and thanks over a vocation spreading over eight or more years. On numerous events, he has been positioned as the best salesperson for the outcomes he has accomplished for his customers. Regardless of the achievement, he has ever been modest and a practical individual. Maybe, this is the motivation behind why his old customers make it a point to allude him more individuals hoping to purchase or offer houses, flats, estates, business buildings and other such properties.
One of the fundamental qualities that anybody would anticipate from a land specialist is the capacity to genuinely exhibit certainties and potential outcomes forthright. Doris does not make any tall cases; he introduces certainties as they are and makes responsibilities that he can really respect. That beingsaid, with Driss Doukari of Ray White, you will never be in dull. You will know precisely what you will get in light of the fact that he will convey on what he has guaranteed, dependably!

On the off chance that you might want to benefit Driss Doukari’s land mastery in the Central Queensland territory, kindly don’t waver to get in touch with him. You can simply have a non-required discourse with Driss. He would be glad to help you with any inquiries you may have

Friday, 2 October 2015


In an attempt to buy a home people often have a negative experience with a real estate agent in Australia. It is because of this reason it is always advised to consider numerous factors while finalizing your agent.
Here are a few checklists that can help you find a good agent.
  • Qualification: It is always necessary to check the license of the real estate’s sales managers in Australia to see if they have termed qualified by the state law.
  • Expertise: Prior experience of selling homes automatically gives a lot of knowledge and expertise to real estate agents. An agent well acquainted with your locality and prices will be able to get a right deal for you that make you well satisfied and happy.
  • Negotiation skills: One should always consider checking the negotiation skills of the agent, as a right negotiation can always lend you with the best deals in terms of budget.
It is therefore always recommended to check the parameters before hiring the real estate agent in Australia.

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Buying Your First Home? Do Your Homework First

After hours of family discussion and months of saving you have finally decided to buy your first home or probably your dream home. Well, probably you are ready or at least that’s what you are thinking? However, somewhere at the back of your mind you have a thousand questions arising in your minds asking for the do’s and don’ts. Ray White sales manager Driss Doukri has the following tips on the prospect of buying your first home.

·         Do your homework.

 Houses are the most precious investment of life and of course, they are not bought every day. That’s why the very first step towards buying a new home is to make sure you have the idea about your financial budget, your preferred location and proper specification about what you are looking for. Make a proper market research, look for the finances, and make every possible effort to make yourself financially stable, and then go for the buying prospect.

·         Find a real estate agent

Now since you are settled with all the minute details of your planning and other credentials, it’s time for you to look for a real estate sales agent who could help you in search of a dream home. As these real estate agents in Australia often come with well laid network, it becomes easier to discuss your requirements, budgets, and specification and select the house according to your criterion.

·         Get your house inspected

Once you choose your house, make sure that you have it properly inspected in every aspect. So as to make sure that your house follows the regulation, normal norms, and is well protected. Once satisfied, you can go ahead and purchase your house.

So once you are done with these tips, feel free to enter your new home with all the joy and happiness.

Monday, 7 September 2015

Real Estate Agents, Property & Houses for Sale in Australia

An individual from the acclaimed Ray White deals group, Driss Doukari is a surely understood name in Central Queensland locale. He is a very much regarded proficient who has figured out how to set new benchmarks in the land business of Australia. With over eight years of involvement in the field of property, money and customer administration, getting his customers the best arrangement happens to be his specialty. He has substantiated himself not once but rather come what may. It is a faultless vocation record that has settled on Driss Doukari a favored decision for various corporate customers in Central Queensland district. 

The group at Ray White has been utilizing his broad offering and purchasing background to meet targets reliably. Driss Doukari and Ray White together are fine illustrations of prominent achievers, who have exceeded expectations at their field or fill in as well as effectively set samples for different experts to take after. The boss explanation behind Driss to be named one of the best land specialists in Australia is his predictable execution, jaunty demeanor and duty to convey results in a period bound way. Driss Doukari has exceptionally solid hierarchical aptitudes and is amazingly clever. His colleagues admit that his especially high vitality levels are irresistible and spur them to perform better. Beam White and Driss Doukari together speak to demonstrable skill and unrivaled norms of administrations. 

Driss Doukari is a specialist at referrals and keeps up a thorough database, which contains a not insignificant rundown of cheerful and substance customers. The execution and accomplishments of Driss Doukari have made Ray White an understood and regarded name in Bundaberg. In spite of the excellent achievement Driss Doukari is a to a great degree unassuming and respectful expert, and you will never hear anything unfriendly about him from his companions and his customers. He was assigned as an indispensable individual from Alan White Premier Member in 2014. This is no little honor; it is just given to the top performing operators, who figure out how to offer more than thirty properties in a solitary budgetary year.

Friday, 14 August 2015

A Super Successful Real Estate Agent Driss Doukari

Driss Doukari is a key member of the well known Ray White Bundaberg sales team. He is well respected and often looked upon by beginners in the industry as a role model here. All over the Central Queensland region, this man with more than eight years of hands-on, relevant experience in the regional real estate market is known for his expertise and the impeccable ability to observe what others miss out so easily.
From corporate client management and real estate property marketing to real estate finance, Driss has had the opportunity to gain firsthand experience in many such areas. It is through such firsthand professional experiences that Driss has been able to ensure consistent results for his clients in the region.
Driss’s customers include a long list of satisfied buyers and sellers all over the Central Queensland area who chose Driss either due to his reputation or because they were referred to him. People find him to be highly professional and yet friendly.
For Ray White, Driss has continually been among the top 10 real estate agents in Central Queensland area. This recognition is not without a reason and if you ever have a chance to meet him in-person, whether at the time of buying/selling a house or for any other purpose, you will know just why he happens to be so popular.
Do you need to run a campaign to sell a real estate property? Your house, may be? Or, are you on the lookout for a good property you can make home? Driss can possibly be of help.  
If you’d like to get in touch with Driss or have any professional requirements at hand that you think Driss can best meet, please feel free to get in touch at 0410 516 309 any time. You can also write to us at or submit an online query. We will get back to you at the earliest.